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Thistle Shoes Standard Piper Ghillie Brogues

Thistle Shoes Standard Piper Ghillie Brogues

Klassische Ghillie Brogues vom schottischen Hersteller "Thistle Shoes". Speziel entwickelt zusammen mit Pipern für Dudelsackspieler!

Je nach Grösse eine Lieferfrist von bis zu 4 Wochen.


These brogues were developed by listening to what pipers wanted in a brogue. What did they want? Comfort and durability. The smooth leather has a waxy finish to improve protection against weather, although this can’t make them waterproof of course. For standing or marching on all types of terrain, it was decided the ridged rubber sole would be the best option.

The shoe is leather lined to allow the foot to breathe and includes a padded leather insole and top line for maximum comfort around the heel and ankle. Features on this shoe are the traditional steel quarter tips which are hand screwed into the heel. With a cemented all terrain rubber sole this is a fantastic piper ghillie brogue that does not break the bank.

    CHF 115.00Preis

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